Monday, May 25, 2009

because it's art, it's not creepy?

That's bill, who thinks I'm crazy, by again a special request from the random guy buying my drinks (who was there shockingly with a girl who said she "knew jed") yeah, small town. This was the night I was labeled "Creepy Sketchbook Girl" cause I was in a serious drawing mood, but whatever. I have watercolours now, & it's summer, I'm stepping up the D&D. 11's, 5.22.09.

Guys & Sweat & Pretty Girls

Random metal guy part 2, plus some cosmo article about how sweaty guys are hot (true), & some pretty girls at the bar I couldn't stop looking at. 11's, 5.22.09.

Sexier When They're Single? (I don't self edit)

This totally awesome out of place blonde metal guy, drawn by special request, with some other random guy at the bar on the opposite page. Some other guy said, "Draw him, draw the metal guy" I said, "Hmmm I'd like to, but I draw better when drinking, & I've run out of money." Nice, right? So he bought me a drink & I drew the metal guy. This story should be part of the foundation myth of drinking & drawing.

Is It Ever Ok To Stay If He's Hit You?

I always randomly glue things in advance to my sketchbook & then draw on those pages later, so when I got up to go to the bathroom, my sketchbook was accidently left open to the blank page with "Is It Ever Ok To Stay If He's Hit You? " pasted on it. When I got back the drunk blonde girl (I am aware I am frequently "the drunk blonde girl" not judging here) writing beneath it was really defensive, but I thought it was an awesome moment in the history of Drinking&Drawing. And some really sexy curvy girl is drawn on the next page. Still 5.22.09 at the 11's.

drinkstown, usa

this whole page is very very very funny, for personal reasons. The 11's 5.22.09 (yes, I've gotten bored with writing out the word "Elevens")

Coincidence? We think not.

I really get into drawing (&listening to) fiddle music. The 11's, 5.22.09.

noodles, fiddles, girls

Still more randomness from the 11's, 5.22.09. DRINKING & DRAWING, NOW IN COLOUR!!!

That party mindset/too much booze

The Elevens, 5.22.09. Random people there. If I wasn't such a lazy drinking&drawing blogger, I would tell you what the show was that night, but all I'll say is it was good.

not freaking drunk enough.

The Elevens, 5.22.09. Drawing some girls at the bar who caught me & then labeled me creepy. oh well, such is life & art.

Friday, May 22, 2009

5 Ways to Jinx Your Luck

listening to drunk people try to hook up with each other while drinking & drawing (I was drinking & drawing, not the people attempting to hook up): "I don't know but I've seen you somewhere...where do you frequently go...beautiful, it's all beautiful..."

Best. Sex. Ever.

Witnessed at the sierra grille last night 5.21.09 at the true believers show: 3 booths = one drunk passed out girl, one man reading a book for some reason, in the midst of a rock show, and one couple feeling each other up...
and two girls drinking together both wearing leopard print tops.

I venture into colour, thanks to jed's snazzy watercolour set

"humour is an extended form of disaster." -jed, sierra grille, 5.21.09 (or 5.22.09 since I'm sure this all happened after midnight)


really drunk girl passed out into her glass of wine at the sierra grille last night at the vegan show. both totally hilarious & really really sad, & really reminded me of jessica simpson.

Yes, his hand is in her shirt

Some people really inappropriately cuddling at sierra grille last night.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Sex & Cheese

That's what I wrote, I don't know what it means. The Elevens, last friday the 8th, when amazing love was on friday instead of wednesday. Really odd night for me. All the 80's lyrics were seeming profound. That's some random girl dancing.

The cities in my head (chicken legs & fried eggs)

This is me just free drawing the cities in my imagination. I have years & years worth of identical drawings. There are always chicken legs & fried eggs in them, too.

You're Not Asking the Right Questions

I think that's me in there somewhere, amidst all the swirling lines & peppers & pancakes. I get very self-reflective when d&ding.

Drunken Butter Pats! & Fish

Again, hugos, spring 09. I'm gettin' all de kooning here, but this is still one of my recent favorites.

The Bottles Get Blurry

Packards, 4.19.09. Mixed drink & money on the bar.

Is He Thinking Long Term?

Some people on a date & the bartenders' legs, hugo's, this spring (I'm usually obsessive about dating my drawings but seem to have been slacking off recently)(hmmm, could it be the drinking?).

Sarah K's guest appearance

What the lovely Sarah drew in my sketchbook during the first group Drink & Draw.

Signs You Need To Go to Dating Rehab

Some night this spring, hugos I think, possibly ye olde. Fantasizing about eggs & donuts. Per usual.

My first official night back in noho. Of course drinking & drawing.

My posts to this blog will never be chronological. This was from my first night back in town for good, when I was dead exhausted from moving for days & yet jed convinced me to go out. I was actually drawing my collage material, I believe. No idea what the text says, can't read my handwriting.

Self-Portrait Drinking&Drawing 4.09 (Hearts & Buttered Toast)

Hugo's, april 2009, hanging out by myself around dusk at the bar. Thinking about boys, noodles, spacial organizations, and recent dinners. This was immediately after my first day back to work I believe.