Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Gabby, at cirque du filet

Gabby was kind enough to actually sit for Lisette & I during cirque du filet. Hence, a much better portrait than I am usually capable of.

Valuable Life Advice From Drinking & Drawing

written by me in my sketchbook during cirque du filet. I don't know. this is what happens when you give us drink tickets.

Drinking & Talking

from cirque du filet. I am so, so glad that this somehow got written by me in my sketchbook. jed is right. us writing down the stuff we say should be its own blog.

drinking on drinking on drawing on tigers on tigers

tigers on tigers. 6.28.2009, The Blueberry House. this was drawn during exclusively the feasting & napping (& drinking) portions of the event, where I learned there actually is a limit to how many hours straight I can drink & draw, & so I did not ever make it to the dance party...

The feast, before we ate it. Pulled pork, cornbread stuffing, hummus & pesto & flatbread, tiny cupcakes...among many other very wonderful & tasty things. rin & karen cleaning up the kitchen after the preparation of the feast. I am the asshole who was drawing them instead of helping. such is how we roll at Drinking & Drawing.
scott & dave outside.
scott & someone whose name I think is tom outside.
my plate of food on the grass. sadly I spent WAY too much time drawing this food, & WAY too little time eating it. poor awesomely delicious plate of food.
karen hooping.
the backs of rin & phoebe's heads.
rin x 2 (I am not a good portraitist).
scott painting his nails while dave g saws something (one of my favorite parts of the day).
karen painting scott's nails (even better). this drawing is helpfully illustrated by the actual nail polish used, belonging to rin. I believe the color was called "neon burst." it was declared by all to indeed be the nail polish shade a tiger would choose.
what rin drew in my sketchbook.
jessica during the nap.
scott napping.

more of the nap.
ella playing.
some feet observed during naptime.
NAPS are good.
That was my tigers on tigers experience. Who knows what happened during the show/dance party? Not me. So get out there and drink & draw, y'all. I can't do everything.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

liz's cirque du filet, part one

The final page in my sketchbook. I think it ended on a good note. Fat Worm of Error, at Cirque du Filet.
Pregaming at jed's house. my drawing of scenes from earlier in the day.
jed's burger from local burger. of course it started pouring rain while we were acquiring this burger, & we had run through the downpour in our fancy clothes to the 11's.
my entry into the amanda freeman drawing competition.
the john bobbitt experience setting up & jed's burger again. I had a bite. it was really good. local burger, why aren't you open until 3 on thursdays again?
rob murphy. plus a good line of dialogue between jed & I (our conversations were pretty genius last night. stay tuned from more). jed: do we have any use for burger grease as an art material? liz: yes.
the incredibly creepy awful man who sat next to me, put his hand on my leg, said he remembered me from the co-op, made a stupid comment about my tattoo, & then stole some of our collage material. yuck.
people in the audience.
to be continued, times one million. I filed an entire sketchbook last night. Look forward to my version of noise music, jesse&anna, my portrait of gabby, life advice from drinking & drawing, the john peter series & so much more.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

jed drawing fries just to spite me.

we were having some sort of "fries drawing" competition. I don't know, we both had eaten next to nothing all day & were drinking large steel rails & then there were fries & we were already drawing, & I believe jed decided he was gonna imitate me, cuz I like to draw food. Anyway. this is not my entry into this contest, this is merely what jed looked looked like imitating me. my own fries come later. sierra grille, 6.25.09.

dinner 6.19.09

this meal was created around 1am or later. this sort of "crazy" behavior makes my soon to be ex-roommate insane with rage. but cooking elaborate beautiful things in the middle of the night is one of my greatest pleasures. & while I love to cook for the people I love, sometimes cooking these things just for me alone when I'm staying up late is very delightful.

tuna steak & garlic scapes, leftover garlic cheese yukon gold mashed potatoes, sauted baby bok choi & onions.

Friday, June 26, 2009

kathy's diner, 1:36am

because Local Burger just isn't open until 3am on thursdays anymore...contrary to the belief of the one million people who drove up while we were sitting outside & had their dreams of late night burgers crushed. so we went to kathy's.
chocolate shake & unexplained country music.
bacon cheeseburger & pickles.
I pretty much ALWAYS need a bacon cheeseburger & a chocolate shake right smack in the middle of a night of drinking & drawing. I like to draw food way more than I like to draw people, so it makes me sad more bars in noho don't serve food. 6.25.09, post hugos/sierra/bishops.

where what qualifies as art becomes questionable...

sometimes after a night of serious Drinking & Drawing, I am very very confused by what I find in my sketchbook the next morning. last night was one of those nights...

no idea. a bucket full of something according to my caption (but what the hell?!) & a quote from jed in my handwriting that I can't entirely read & that appears to make no sense. oh, thursday DnD nights, how I love you. mark & some girl, I guess.

from the urban outfitters catalogue we picked up off the ground in the middle of the night on the street in noho for some reason.
I think this may be a cheeseburger.

this may be that cheeseburger again. It was actually a BACON cheeseburger.
these may be french fries. I have maybe 45 drawings from last night that look like this. oh my risd professors would be so proud. 6.25.09-6.26.09

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Small gifts

I made these brownies for my hairdresser. I tried to make them look and taste like a frothy cappuccino! They were incredibly well received!

Hopefully these will be the brownies that get me the job. I'm being vague on purpose because nothing is ever for sure.

friends of yours

During last week's regular Thursday Drink & Draw, pretty much all the drawing I did involved the emergency creation of the flyers for next thursday's sierra show, so all the drawings I'm posting from that night come from a combination of other people's photos & my memory. I would usually consider this cheating, but it was a great show (friends of yours/king falcon/sunrise swords) & should be properly documented via DnD. I'm not sure what jed was doing besides losing his hat, maybe he actually drew something. NOTE: I'd like to mention, I always always collage my sketchbook pages in advance of drawing/painting in them, so all collaged imagery/text is totally random, not my commentary on the bands.
sierra grille, 6.18.2009.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

this is just a fish.

he came to be out of our insane drinking & drawing & attempt at poster making marathon of today at hugo's. I think he's not going to get used so has no purpose (poor fishy) but I'm still fond of him & want him to go somewhere. I'm not sure if this counts as a d&d post, but we were definitely drinking, & I definitely drew/painted this fish, so here he is. isn't he beautifully garnished? hugo's, daytime, 6.16.2009.

"some shit...with drinking & drawing + PIE"

jed & I spent a long long looooong time today at hugo's in the middle of the afternoon on a weekday starving to death & trying to seriously make a good poster for a show. we did come up with a lot of usable versions, but this is the one I love the best, the one where we gave just up. I think this was made right around the time the owner of hugo's bought us a drink even though we were totally being stupid hipster brats & driving him crazy.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

shout out to hugo's for having the best jukebox in town

one of the (very) many reasons why d&d always starts at hugo's. best jukebox in town, & nothing improves drinking & drawing for me like fucking around on a good jukebox. I believe on this particular night I was going real heavy on the nirvana & tom waits. hugo's, 6.11.2009.


dancing at amazing love. I'm terrible at drawing at amazing love, also at the basement, because I really love dancing so usually if dancing is happening, I'm dancing. hence absolutely no d&d from electric avenue last night, even though it was awesome. I was too busy dancing my ass off to sit down & draw.
but I really made an effort last week, cause amazing love is ending, & we are really going to miss it. & yes, I'll admit it, I DID steal the AL flyer from the women's bathroom. Terrible I know, BUT GODAMNIT I REALLY NEEDED IT FOR COLLAGE!
Amazing Love, The 11's, 6.10.2009.

eating & drawing meets drinking & drawing part 2 (fries at the bar!)

Again, this could also go on eating & drawing. isn't it great how eating & drinking so pleasantly compliment each other? the incredible fries at the sierra grille. part of the reason we love drinking & drawing there: delicious snacks + live music + our table no one else ever sits at. yay sierra grille thursdays! sierra grille, 6.11.2009.


from the "things jed says when he's drinking" series. I also wrote that we were not a fan of the band, whoever they might has been, I have no idea. also I'll admit we were possibly not really paying attention. on the other page is some girl watching said not particularly interesting, in the opinion of drinking & drawing anyway, band. sierra grille, 6.11.2009.

eating & drawing meets drinking & drawing (pizza at the bar)

I couldn't decide whether this image belonged on eating & drawing or here, but I'm putting it here because it is from an actual d&d night. This is jed's pizza slice. I wouldn't let him eat it until I drew it properly even though he was starving. Yeah, I'm a jerk. Don't ever start an art group with me. hugo's 6.11.2009 (we all spent a lot of time at hugo's this past week).

Saturday, June 13, 2009

it looks like there should be a unicorn in this picture.

This is my version of Lisette's drawing of jed at d&d the other night. I'm honestly not sure why he came out looking like some sort of anime hero in mine. hugo's 6.10.2009.