Sunday, June 28, 2009

liz's cirque du filet, part one

The final page in my sketchbook. I think it ended on a good note. Fat Worm of Error, at Cirque du Filet.
Pregaming at jed's house. my drawing of scenes from earlier in the day.
jed's burger from local burger. of course it started pouring rain while we were acquiring this burger, & we had run through the downpour in our fancy clothes to the 11's.
my entry into the amanda freeman drawing competition.
the john bobbitt experience setting up & jed's burger again. I had a bite. it was really good. local burger, why aren't you open until 3 on thursdays again?
rob murphy. plus a good line of dialogue between jed & I (our conversations were pretty genius last night. stay tuned from more). jed: do we have any use for burger grease as an art material? liz: yes.
the incredibly creepy awful man who sat next to me, put his hand on my leg, said he remembered me from the co-op, made a stupid comment about my tattoo, & then stole some of our collage material. yuck.
people in the audience.
to be continued, times one million. I filed an entire sketchbook last night. Look forward to my version of noise music, jesse&anna, my portrait of gabby, life advice from drinking & drawing, the john peter series & so much more.

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