Friday, June 26, 2009

kathy's diner, 1:36am

because Local Burger just isn't open until 3am on thursdays anymore...contrary to the belief of the one million people who drove up while we were sitting outside & had their dreams of late night burgers crushed. so we went to kathy's.
chocolate shake & unexplained country music.
bacon cheeseburger & pickles.
I pretty much ALWAYS need a bacon cheeseburger & a chocolate shake right smack in the middle of a night of drinking & drawing. I like to draw food way more than I like to draw people, so it makes me sad more bars in noho don't serve food. 6.25.09, post hugos/sierra/bishops.


  1. that's a rad fucking bacon cheeseburger

  2. it really was delicious too. that's really why I bow down before beautiful & so tasty at the same time, & not bad to touch either. oh & we need it to live. WOW.