Friday, June 26, 2009

where what qualifies as art becomes questionable...

sometimes after a night of serious Drinking & Drawing, I am very very confused by what I find in my sketchbook the next morning. last night was one of those nights...

no idea. a bucket full of something according to my caption (but what the hell?!) & a quote from jed in my handwriting that I can't entirely read & that appears to make no sense. oh, thursday DnD nights, how I love you. mark & some girl, I guess.

from the urban outfitters catalogue we picked up off the ground in the middle of the night on the street in noho for some reason.
I think this may be a cheeseburger.

this may be that cheeseburger again. It was actually a BACON cheeseburger.
these may be french fries. I have maybe 45 drawings from last night that look like this. oh my risd professors would be so proud. 6.25.09-6.26.09

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