Sunday, May 30, 2010

A 2nd Vegan Spring Dinner Party (Grills & Gardens).

The rules, as always, go as follows: 1. no pre-planning of the menu. 2. spend little to nothing on ingredients. 3. Be wildly decadent & excessively creative anyway.
The themes for this occasion? The grill Owen & I had bought the night before & hadn't had the chance to try out yet & the beginnings of our garden produce & a delightfully hot, midsummeresque late May evening.
The menu: 1. Mesculin Salad with Radishes & Silvered Almonds, & a Fresh Herb Vinegrette.
2. Garden Greens & Pickled Radishes: Spinach & Napa Cabbage sauted in kimchi juice with picked radishes & a vidalia onion.
3. Shit On The Grill: Vegan Sausages (only for Rin will I consume a vegan sausage), & zucchini, corn, & green peppers.
4. Beer, Wine & the Latest Issue of Cosmo.
Finally, this meal was almost entirely fregan, composed mainly of free things from my work or things we grew or made.
Spinach, napa cabbage, radishes, dill, cilantro, & Mesculin mix = garden produce.
Zucchini, green peppers, corn, oranges, olive oil, silvered almonds= free from work.
Onion, garlic, sausages, shallot, & white wine vinegar, plus condiments = purchased (mostly from the asian market or Deals & Steals).
Kimchi & salad dressing=homemade.
Cost of meal= maybe $2 or $3 a person. Not a bad way to live.

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