Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgivings Past & Future.

Apparently I am about a year behind in current events on this blog, as I never finished my drawings from last Thanksgiving.
Well, never say never-I just finished one. I drew this last November, in Jackson, NH, the same house where we spent our honeymoon. 
Thanksgiving 2010: The Sides, Part One. 
aka the MOST important Thanksgiving sides, mashed potatoes & creamed onions. More important than turkey or stuffing (although stuffing is pretty damn important).
Last year was an atypical Thanksgiving, in that Owen & I joined my moms in New Hampshire in a borrowed house in a beautiful place. 
This year is different in that we Diamonds lost a terribly important family member in September & one week later Owen & got married. 
It's a rather emotional holiday, I think for all of us. I can barely even write this, really, so no details. 
This year Thanksgiving will be at home, in Brewster, on Cape Cod, with new family but with a huge absence, too. 
All I meant to say here was, cheers to Thanksgiving (the sacred holiday of EnD), & all it brings.
& Gramma, I'm missing you a lot, everyday, even if I'm not so good at talking about it. But neither were you, really.

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