Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Snow Day Nostaglia & General Laziness.

Slightly cheating black & white post (whatever I make the rules here). 
I have a lot of paintings in progress but they are all wet (damn watercolors) & I just felt like writing. 
It's a snowy evening here in Greenfield following a snowy afternoon, & I left work around noon (I am terrified of driving in snow) just in time to see my husband for exactly one minute before he headed for work (he's a better driver than me, & works about 25 miles closer to our house).
I've been at home with the animals all day. Started paging through the old sketchbook. 
I have been changing things around here & drawing less out of my sketchbook & more on paper & shit. Like a real artist. But you'll see little pieces of randomness from sketchbook here & there for old times sake.
So here are some unpainted drawings from a Mini-Vaca taken on an extremely rainy weekend last June.
6.9&8.11: Two Cape Cod Sandwiches.
A post-driving curried chicken salad sandwich & a next afternoon linguica & mustard sandwich, grilled & eaten on the deck overlooking the pond. Then some insane encounters with huge snapping turtles ensued. Damn those things are weird & prehistoric & creepy. Try swimming with one. & huge. Did I mention huge?
6.9.11: BBQ Pork During A Late Spring Thunderstorm.
Another one of Mum's great dinners. Plus the sort of thunderstorm I'm really looking forward to as we approach the end of winter. We had some thunder & heavy rain last week & it reminded me how good that sort of weather is.
 6.10.11: Egg Salad Sandwiches & Vintage Dresses.
Typical Cape Cod Mini-Vaca Sort Of Day. Ate some tasty sandwiches, some chips, purchased one of my now all time favorite dresses at a thrift shop in Yarmouth, & saw some swans on a pond. There were dogs.
 6.10.2011: Cookout!
All Cape Cod trips should include some sort of cookout.
The next morning we ate this meal, in the pouring rain we collected buckets of seaweed for the garden, & then we drove home. 
 I'm fearing we won't have much Cape Cod Summer this year.
We really like our new house. We can grill in the yard here. We can hang out outside here. I can sit on top of the hill & enjoy the view of cornfields & the neighboring dairy farm, & draw & read there. We aren't stuck in town in Noho anymore.  We are making the kind of farming-style commitments that make travel complicated. I think we all need to recover from losing a major part of those summers.
That's all. Apologies for the lack of color. It's still snowing. I'll probably be back with more tomorrow.

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