Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I Heart Objects. There, I Said It.

Yeah, yesterday, I spent $20 on a Le Creuset pan at a thrift shop that I couldn't afford & didn't need.
Hey, my sister runs a really great thrift store.
I've been on a strict "no thrifting" policy.
We are really trying to invest in the things we want, i.e. chickens & this year's garden & more potential livestock.
We lead a strange life of possessions, being thrift store addicts both of us, my husband & me, in that we have so many nice things, but frequently lack very basic things that need to come new from real store, & that with our thrifting mentality it is difficult for us to buy.
Owen has piles of ties, Fendi, Gucci, Versace, Armani, Dior, etc, & yet only owns one pair of semi-decent pants he can wear to work.
I have two Hermes scarves & my own pile of vintage Coach bags, but I am in so desperate need of a bra that it isn't even funny.
We both have gorgeous cowboy boot collections, but Owen goes to work at the granola factory in pair of steel toe boots held together (sort of, not well) with dry wall screws.
At least he comes home to a good dinner. 
3.6.12: Cooking Dinner With DR.

 That's my kitchen, you know, where the magic happens. Using my new pan for last night's dinner, an unremarkable but delicious beef broccoli goat cheese cream sauce thing. 
 We have really nice kitchen stuff in general because it matters to me & it's what I want for presents & I take good care of my things.
Sometimes our economy with food seems weird considering our Le Creuset pans & our Wustof knives & our shiny red KitchenAid. 
But most of the ways we save money is what I believe we should do anyway-no convenience foods, no fast food, no snack foods or desserts, just vegetables, meat, & pasta & rice. When we cook a chicken, we always make stock. We always eat or leftovers for lunch. I make a lot of weird dinners to not waste food. We make everything ourselves that we can. The things I spend money on are worth it: coffee, spices, decent rice.
All of these things are the principles I want to live by anyway.
So, so what if I have a quite splendid Le Creuset collection (I am not entirely to blame for our lovely kitchen stuff-we did just get married!). 
I've been really happy lately, happier than possibly I have ever been, & if I want to buy myself a damn pan once in a while, I will.
I will make something creative out of the random kitchen items in it, & I will wake up without guilt, feeling like things are all right with the world in general.
I will never live a simplified clean shiny life without possessions. Neither will Owen. There will always be books & papers & paints & shoes & pets & scarves & ties on all our surfaces. Projects will be in the works everywhere, & the house will never be clean by most people's standards. Cowboy boots will litter the damn floor forever.
But we are ok with that.

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