Friday, December 18, 2009

An Old Classic Revisited, Part Two.

A long overdue conclusion. Oh, let's see, where did we leave off? Oh yes, Dustyrose on the table with a baguette. While all that hilarity was ensuing, some cooking was actually also being accomplished.

Steak simmering in red wine, garlic, & yellow potatoes boiling...this all smelled very good...
...which sets the scene for food as sex appeal....i.e. Eating & Drawing's
Classic New Boyfriend Dinner...
oh & the leftovers work great the next night alone in your room at approximately 2:30am after dancing at the basement. (perfect snack for updating your facebook status before going to bed)
I promised in Part One that Part Two was going to explain all, but instead I'm just gonna leave you with: it's good to cook for the people you love, whoever they are. I think the lights on the Christmas tree are making me sentimental or something.

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