Thursday, August 20, 2009

"Y'all Got Any... Wrestlin' Cups?"

This is the sandwich I ate on our first morning in Asheville, NC. It was so delicious that I spontaneously combusted into Liz:

The Wedge Brewery in Asheville. Glass of 9% Belgian white? $2.50. Not buying a Pabst at The Basement for $3.50? Priceless.

This is Jackson, the best damn bartender at the best damn bar in Asheville. He can make little foam shamrocks on the top of the Guinness he just poured you because from 30 feet away he saw that you were almost done with your last one:

Also, I apparently can now be found on the kitchen floor of Jaron's apartment in Asheville, sans-pants. This information will be included in future Asheville Board of Tourism pamphlets:

See you tomorrow, in New Orleans.

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