Friday, August 7, 2009

partners in crime (yeah thursdays rule)

jed & rin, tonight. the best drawing partners (& friends) a girl could have. hells yes, DnD.

my personal goal for the night: draw something not food related. hence, jed & rin (the crowd was boring).
rin & jed, drawing at Local Burger tonight.
rin at a bus stop wearing a false mustache with an alligator & a steamboat, & jed eating leftover sweet potato fry dipping sauce with his pen as a utensil.
guess which of these two things really happened?

come on, guess. really.

How Drunk Are You: the DnD Road Trip: in which many hours are spent deciding which Magnetic Fields song to play in the car.
In conclusion: the people you Drink & Draw with are the best people on earth.
aw, DnD. good times.
wait until we all end up in jail. in Louisiana. oh fuck.

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