Friday, August 14, 2009

Why We Will Be Coming Back.

Because truly we love it here, despite all the bullshit, & we have an awesome collection of fellow Drinkers & Drawers in this town, & a kickass office.
& we wouldn't want to miss the first season of "Mariah Island" (the noho hipster Rock of Love).

last saturday at the spoke celebrating maia's visit. the shoes of our group sitting outside on the coldest august night ever.
that's actually a drawing of tom & zoe, not mariah, at hugo's last night. I don't know why it earned this caption. & I wish I had drawn mariah on his island.
& finally, a collage by visiting DnDer & original Art Party attendee from back in the day, Matt Dineen. Hi Matt! Nice to have you back in town & collaging.
so yeah, we'll be back. We love you, we love hugo's, we love when lots of you come out to create drunken art like you did last night.
Pay no attention to the rumors that we won't return. & in other rumor-related news, the only contributor to this blog that I will be eloping with in new orleans is lisette, who had better be seriously coming with us, you hear me lady?

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