Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tarts, Or How To Be A Broke Food Diva.

More from the fabulous, fabulous EnD archives, this one from just about a year ago. An excellent no-groceries-ordinary-night dinner secret is the TART, filled with whatever random items you can find. Leftovers, frozen veggies, odd possibly expired cheap canned goods from Ocean State or Deals & Steals, whatever. Once you have mastered a decent pie crust from scratch, which is easier than you think, whip one up, clean out the weird crap from the freezer, & you have something worthy of Martha herself (I think it's the word "tart". Sounds fancy). Just keep flour & butter in the house, & enjoy the innuendos.
Carmelized Onion, Pinenut, Spinach & Goat Cheese Tart, February 2010.
So sounds impressive, right? well, Martha wouldn't be Martha if she didn't know how to work it. As I may have mentioned I get a lot of free & random groceries from work, & other than that am underpaid & broke, which certainly leads us to not grocery shop & work with what we have.
A Classic EnD theme.
Another tip along these lines are caramelized onions which only require butter & a bag of cheap onions & yet taste way more delicious than that implies. So yeah, the free pinenuts & goat's cheese are totally a work perk for me, but if it wasn't, this would have tasted awesome with cheap swiss cheese from Stop & Shop & just the onions & frozen spinach. Garlic is cool, also cheap bulk spices from the Asian Market. Thinly slice a cheap russet potato, drizzle it in olive oil (don't tell anyone but if you can't afford olive, just use whatever you can get your hands on) & throw it on there. It's all about what you can do with the simplest, cheapest, most basic things.
If you can't cook well with expensive ingredients, lord help you. If you cook well with only expensive ingredients, you are an amateur. Cook something right on while dead broke with whatever you can find that still makes your boyfriend happy & you're there, way more impressive than any Iron Chef challenge.

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