Sunday, November 15, 2009

Halloween = Weird Food = NOODLE PIE.

Yup, here on this blog, Halloween is "weird food time."
This saga of insane meals started with the eve of October 30th,
when Rin & Melissa & I got dressed here at 133 for "The Halloween Party With the Cool Name" next door at the Media Mansion,
(demonic milkmaid + cowboy + 80's prom glam btw)
& Rin & I decided at the very last minute that we needed to do one of our classic Iron Chef no ingredients purchased meals (also vegan) which Rin is & I am not, which means since we cook at my house that many of the available ingredients are not...
This was a tragic pantry situation for me, in general, in terms of total lack or reasonable food in the house,
so here's what we came up with:
three local cippollini onions, a shallot, white wine, olive oil, tomato paste, red wine, a can of aduzki beans, a tiny summer squash, frozen butternut squash, baked in a lasagna pan with big thick noodles & covered in panko.
You figure it out. But it worked (sort of)
(fun to draw anyway)
Rin christened this dish:
"Noodle Pie"
& then the next night!
my favourite night!
except for all the other festive nights of course...
Leftovers served in a tostada bowl with salsa!
(yeah we get some odd random free shit from work, WORD.)
& it was motherfucking HALLOWEEN Y'ALL
the accompanying drink was Gin & Moxie.
& dancing followed.
& this goes down on the Eating & Drawing books as the best Halloween so far.
But that's how we is.
(with noodle pies)

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