Sunday, November 22, 2009

Welcome To Crazyland.

I recently hurt my drawing hand at stupid work, which is limiting how much actual current drawing I can do, but fortunately for all y'all, I have all my massive DnD & EnD archives to fall back on (i.e. the looming piles of sketchbooks on both my desk & my drawing table). Thank christ I was so fing productive all summer & early fall, I guess.
For a while this summer, I did these drawings where I documented every single thing I ate in a given day. OCD anyone? This relates to a food/art project that Rin & I were working on last March which we never finished, & which I do hope makes an appearance here someday. & some other posts very early on in the creation of this site.
So I love food, but I have a lot of weird issues with food (surprise, surprise) & these drawings are strangely comforting to create. Yes, Welcome To Crazyland. I never ever said sanity was gonna be the ruling force 'round here, y'all.
8.4.09: this one seems reasonable.
8.5.09: drinking with gramma, drinking with jed & melissa, lots of good food, dancing, also reasonable.
8.6.2009: this was a DnD Thursday. 'Nough said.
8.7.09: work & then a Friday night at the Deuce = soup & coffee, a shit ton of $3 rum & cokes, sam's pizza, & leftovers alone very late at night, i.e. terrible eating habits.
8.8.09: fucking soup.
8.9.09: more soup (thanks work), dinner with roommate.
8.10.09: pre-DnDnD2k09 preparation adventures, ending up at the Northampton Brewery, with excellent sandwiches & beer samplers.
8.14.09: crazy night with matt, including but not limited to free wine & snacks at Arts Night Out, grilled sausages (me) & veggies (matt) at a bbq birthday party for someone we didn't know, a bottle of wine drunk on the steet that almost got us arrested, too many long island iced teas at the WW2, kathy's very late.
good eating habits?
10.11.09: this is all about guilt, really,.
I haven't done this recently, but probably will fall back into it in the future, it's a fun thing to do in bars when you're bored. Or if you happen to be a 'lil bit crazy.
Plus who DOESN'T love Obsessive Documentation of Something No-one Cares About?
Welcome to EnD.

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