Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Hidden Meaning Of Breakfasts.

The thing I find most missing about not waking up next to someone mindblowingly awesome on a regular basis(well ok, obviously not the thing I miss the MOST, but still an important one)is BREAKFASTS!!!! (this is a food blog not a dating blog, yo)
There's just something about excessive quantities of butter & bacon & maple syrup that seems awkward when you do it alone, but when you wake up in the mood to show true affection through food, is just perfect. Cooking in pajamas & t-shirts in the morning sunlight, sleepily locating eggs & toast, that's a huge part of physical chemistry, for me anyway. (we all know of course that I'm weird) I've been waiting to keep bacon & eggs in the house on a regular basis for a while. So here's a few breakfasts from the past month or so.
First Breakfast = All the obvious things, i.e. bacon, eggs, toast.
Cause I'm me, the toast was from the Hello Kitty Toaster & the butter was served in a kitten rice bowl,
The type of breakfast only eaten by two people who get a shit ton of odd food items for free from work, & are also running late for work.
& This is also work related: the Overly Local Breakfast,
consisting of Kickass French Toast made with Diemand Farms Eggs, Vermont Applewood Smoked Bacon, East Baking Company Maple Cinnamon Bread (i.e. the world's best bread for any kind of toast), Maple Syrup from the Northampton Farmers Market & Cabot Butter & Pierce Brothers Coffee.
Yeah we are kind of new breed of hipster yuppie I think.
I have a feeling that the Chocolate Chip Pancake chapter is next in this saga.
Also the wonderful world of SAUSAGE.

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