Thursday, November 26, 2009

Obviously, There Is Stuffing. Thanksgiving Part Two.

Still Semi-Live Blogging this meal. So....Stuffing, in my opinion the MOST IMPORTANT element of THANKSGIVING. When else do you really eat stuffing? Come on.
(Disclaimer: I really want all my stuffing to include sausage & this year I wanted it to be Oyster & Sausage, but the other theme of this year is "zero money = use what you have").
Which leads to shallots, some local heirloom apples, garlic, & pine-nuts simmered in a pan of butter & olive oil...

...which leads to my newly invented (aka tonight): Apple-Pinenut Stuffing.
Placed in the oven next to the turkey with more butter on top.
Currently I'm working on the mashed potatoes & brussel sprouts. Seriously. I may never actually eat. & when am I going to find time for PIE? I ask you.

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