Monday, November 16, 2009

Shawmut Diner, New Bedford, Part One.

What does happen when you & your companion don't eat for like 24 hours straight & then end up driving to New Bedford, MA on a chilly November afternoon? I guess this. The Shawmut Diner. A multi-course meal, consumed by starving hipsters. in stylish outfits. IN NEW BEDFORD. YUP. NOT KIDDING. Beginning with, guess guess guess oh come on, its New Bedford,
The Soup Course: !KALE SOUP!
(I hated this a lot in the Carney Academy cafeteria when I was eight, but I've grown up (a bit) since then)(& crackers) (cause soup is just a vehicle for crackers) (we miss you Caitlin) but this was seriously a classic South Coast diner kale soup, slightly spicy, LinguiƧa, beans, all that good shit combined with diner coffee i.e. the best thing ever.
& then, ONION RINGS!!!! best I've had in a while, or I was just still really starving. OR NB DOES RULE (in the onion rings department anyway. )
& the "multi-course" reference was not a joke (or, thank god, sarcasm) so the rest of the meal will be posted soon. Like the main courses & all the money shots. Yup. New Bedford Rules. Etc. (p.s. chopped hamburger steak & onions + meatloaf both appear in the upcoming sequel.
OOOOHHHH the gravy.)

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