Friday, September 25, 2009

We Always Said We Wanted DnD To Become "A Thing."

But I never imagined it quite like this.
Sure I bet Cirque du Coq is all awesome & crazy & creative right now, but this is what us working girls got up to at the grocery store tonight instead.

It's an ART REVOLUTION at the registers, I'm not even kidding you.
Two drawings by Caitlin (top) & Hillary (bottom).
The labels are mine.
Notice they maintain the classic the DnD position on spelling.
A tree that Hillary drew for me, & me drawing her drawing it.
& Cait's amazing contribution on the end of a roll of receipt tape
(it's actually even longer than this in reality).

Art occurring in unlikely places & made by everyone has always been one of the core values of DnD , but I'm personally really impressed that we've managed to take it this far.
ART IN THE GROCERY STORE, PEOPLE. This doesn't happen just every day.
Or maybe it does.
We put the food in the bags, & we also do this. Right, Rin?

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