Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Good & the Bad & the Deliciousness Of It All.

Feeding people & what it means to do so has a lot to do with context.
So, some recent meals at DnD,
hovering around the brink of disaster.

Two very sad sandwiches.
Very very late at night, once again.
Sometimes our bad eating habits do attempt to destroy us.
But sometimes cooking for our dear, sweet, beautiful friends brings us back.
Dinner with beth instead of my birthday party, 9.6.09.
& dinner with melissa on labor day.
THE RETURN of the bacon lasagna.
Sitting at a table (or on the floor) with your friends & eating food goes a long way towards restoring peace of mind.
Cooking, drawing, DnD.
We stopped being funny for a while this week, & this might continue for a bit, but at least we remember here at DnD that bacon tastes good, & your real friends are always there, even when they take breaks sometimes.
& hell, at least we're honest.
I told you this fall was gonna be messy.
(in every possible sense of the word)

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