Friday, September 18, 2009

Rin, Todd, Last Night & This Afternoon.

I'm Working On My Portraits.
Hopefully since Beth is really down lately with the DnD thing & appreciates my cooking, she'll give me a chance at future slightly better attempts than my first try & its follow-up.

Rin, drawing at Woodstar over some totally gorgeous mochas this afternoon.
(Drinking [Coffee] & Drawing Is Absolutely Allowed Here, BTW. Or Tea. Or Water. Or Juice. Or Soup. Whatever You Fancy.)
He claims he's going to post some of his always beautiful work here very soon.
I hope to god this is true, it's been way too long since the last time.

& Todd, in my kitchen last night, over broccoli & garlic & brown basmati rice & mesculin mix salad.
(the girl who loves bacon & cheese the MOST, cooking for a vegan. But at least I'm creative & I do love vegetables).
I'm still the food artist around here, but I think my people skills are improving.
(yep, the irony in that sentence was intentional).

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