Saturday, September 12, 2009

Running Late.

This should have been posted already, but it wasn't. Life is so freaking complicated lately, what can I say?
DnD Thursday, last week, 9.3.2009.
(A Very Abstract Expressionist Evening, In More Ways Than One).

Pre-Gaming. Lisette's Room.
(reminds me of this)
Sneakers & A Bottle Of Cheap Red Wine From Pop's, On the Floor.

Lisette Putting On Her Makeup In The Mirror.
Infiltrating Joe's Pizza With ART.
There Was Once Love, & Pizza.
Ella Longpre
At The Sierra Grille.
As Usual Jed's Drawing Was Better.
But Mine Is The Punk Rock Version.
But he was right in that Ella's set was very beautiful, & that good things happen, even in difficult times.
This night certainly didn't end well, so let's stop here, with
a lot of feeling & good line quality, but very little self-editing & control.
One of those nights, I guess.

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