Friday, September 4, 2009

Wednesday, You Sure Are The New Thursday. Heya, Wednesday.

Yup, We sure are in for an interesting fall here at Drinking & Drawing. Wednesdays. Hmmm. Yeah, let's do it.
DnD. Lisette's porch. Last Wednesday.

"I'm staring at a broom. I don't have that much to say."
Jed drawing.
Water Under The Bridge, & By Water, I Mean Blood.
I Don't Think Crazy Ever Represented A Median. Or Maybe Just In Northampton.
It's been a crazy week for DnD, & by crazy , I do mean CRAZY, & I think we've all pulled it together quite nicely. I turned into Matisse, we did some drawings, ate a lot of pizza, wine bottles are everywhere, literally all over town, & hopefully we'll all still be best friends forever tomorrow.
Or at least continue to have mad crazy arguments about art all over the place. Take note, Noho. Art is here.
(But not crappy rock music)

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