Saturday, September 5, 2009

At Least I'm Not Addicted To Astral Projection.

An emotionally complex Sunday in the life of DnD,
after a night of Nips & Feathers.

(the night jed was a lady)(8.29.09)

You know it was a rough night when you wake up & you're a doctor.
I used to be a fish.
& I currently believe in beauty & rainbow chard when stop & shop is out of
dino kale.

sometimes you cook by yourself in the midst of chaos, & it's
(pronounced the special way a native new orleanian would say it)

but being addicted to astral projection would totally be worse.
& I'll be alright, I'm white.
(wait for the backstory on the comment, THAT IS A DIRECT QUOTE, from someone, somewhere, deep deep deep in the American South.)

aw, remember DnDnD2k09?

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