Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fall Nights, & The Breakfasts That Follow.

A random assortment of old memories, magically made concrete through the wonders of the watercolour pen, brought on by a perfectly crisp September night, & by Beth's unexpected & delightful late night company & inspiration.
(I need to see that portrait of me on this blog lady!)

Here goes, with the memories:
Too many shades of brown to count, the particular golden colour of sunlight on fall leaves, chocolate chip pancakes & excessive butter & maple syrup, nina simone in the kitchen with an open window & a cool night, wearing our hearts on our sleeves & whiskey shots (ballantines) when nothing else works, whiskey in a tiny kitchen on a late fall afternoon & a mixtape & a carefully prepared hamburger seeming like love, & sunday breakfast seeming like forever.

All apparently captured by this drawing.
Damn, though, no matter whatever other shit is going on, how I love September.
at least in Massachusetts.
Clear blue, clear brown, clear gold,
impossible to draw,
but oh so beautiful so I'll keep trying.

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