Friday, September 11, 2009

"Right Now I Like Sad Country Music"

Last night's fantastic Los Hijos Unicos/Bunwinkies/Nina Violet show at the Sierra Grille.
(I missed Nina Violet, 'cause I was doing this.)

Los Hijos Unicos.
I have no idea what this odd little drawing means in relation to the band, but I like it.
In a unexpected moment of DnD, Los Hijos Unicos was giving free cds to anyone who would decorate the album cover, which meant there was a table full of art supplies & art making that I did not have to create myself.

This cd cover was slipped into my backpack while I was off running around somewhere. I have no idea who painted it.
This is mine.
I wish that I'd managed to steal Chris' to scan before he left, because it was great, although I'm still a bit mad he took the last boot sticker.
& Gaby also contributed to it being a grand evening.
DnD (& me personally) To Gaby: We F-ing love you too.
Many thanks
Sierra Grille & all involved for a night of beautiful music, good friends, & spontaneous art.
& seriously, extra extra special thanks to Los Hijos Unicos for the cd cover project, the best kind of DnD.

& so Thursdays continue, in a slightly different format.

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