Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lamb Part 3. (or Lamb Month, or Year, or Something).

Yes, I know, I know, FINALLY. Lamb Week Continues.
Definitely not really a WEEK at this point.
But still, the cooking of lamb WILL CONTINUE here at Eating & Drawing,
however long it may take.
Yet again, I did not complete a Saveur recipe.
Or perhaps the theme of this blog.
But it had been a particularly complicated day leading up to my lamb dinner plans, so instead of reading a recipe, I created this, from my heart.
This meal essentially combines some of my favourite classic life comfort foods into one, then adds lamb. & I invented it on my sixth day of the week at work, & shopped for it & prepared it immediately following work,
& if I believe Melissa, it totally ruled.

SO, I did I achieve this culinary brilliance?
I rushed home from work, & first started a basic red sauce, by sauting one very expensive shallot (seriously yo, $9.99/lb at my work, wtf) & olive oil & a shit ton of garlic, then added ground lamb, which is the point, then cheap red wine & two cans of Muir Glen diced tomatoes with garlic & basil (on sale PLUS a coupon), all of which simmered while I sliced eggplant & breaded it in panko & an egg & 1/2 & 12/2 combination, & deep fried them in more olive oil.
In a lasagna pan I layered the sauce & the eggplant slices with grated cheese in between (this was just some crappy mozzarella cheese from work) & covered the whole thing in cheese & crushed pinenuts, & baked covered at around 350 for about 45 minutes to an hour.
Yum delicious.
Served with a baby arugula salad & of course Goddess Dressing.
Extra special thanks to Melissa for her lovely company & her incredibly positive attitude towards my cooking experiments.
I'm liking lamb, so probably there will be more to this.
Probably still recipe-free. That's just how we roll here.

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