Friday, October 23, 2009

Lamb Week Part #2.

Yup, more lamb.
Right up front, apologies, it was my very much needed day off, & there was more very late sleeping & shopping & hanging out & mochas from Woodstar previous to lamb preparation than intended, so this is a simpler version of Liz's Rack of Lamb than the one imagined in my head,
i.e. NO BACON.
Later for bacon + lamb, though, promise, more apologies.
The beginning, equalling an Icelandic rack of lamb, in my treasured Le Creuset baking pan, & red wine, olive oil, garlic, shallots, marjoram, & purple carrots (I know, I'm overdoing the purple carrots lately, my apologies), damn this is the Jewish guilt espisode here or some shit like that, whatever, apologies stop NOW. This was damn good food, in thge end, that's all that ever matters.
Rack of lamb, fresh out of the oven, oh so pretty.
A pretty good reason, all in itself, to have a food/art blog.
of course due to all the lovely Savers & Marshall's shopping that happened beforehand, this meal was served way later than planned.
hence SNACKS!
Some goat cheese spread from Whole Foods
(why do I still go there? I still really like good food. & this was one of my first trips to that location where I felt just like a customer & not like a walking curiosity, so that was cool).
What was in this cheese? The label said "ask a speciality team member." I didn't, so I'm gonna guess since I'm not an idiot that it was walnuts & cranberries, good anyway, although not mindblowing. The crackers were "orangic saltines" free from my work, & they pretty much sucked. No structure.
(yes funny on many levels)
Although who cares anymore about the snacks!
Dinner Served: Lamb in Red Wine & Shallots & Garlic with Purple Carrots, , Israeli Couscous, & Summer Squash Sauted in Butter.
oh god what's next? oh, right lamb + bacon.
oh & that moussaka recipe from Saveur.
(ps lamb week is really lamb week or two or three. come on, I have Halloween activities to attend, I can't cook large serious cuts of meat EVERY night),
but whatever I do, y'all be assured that I will be drawing it.
Two things that will happen soon on Eating & Drawing:
Duck Week! & The White Trash Food Series! Yes!
& extra special thanks to the lovely Melissa for for being such a patient tasting companion.
Without eaters, this blog could not exist. Neither could cooking actually.
So, thank you, all y'all, for tasting.

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