Thursday, October 1, 2009

DnDnE, 9.30.09, Part One: Beth

We are trying to make this Drinking & Drawing & Eating thing "A Thing".
aka I cook a lot of delicious crazy food & invite YOU over & dance around in my kitchen barefoot
& we draw everything.

Beth's version of last night's coconut curry + art friends:

A really awesome portrait of me
(except we are trying to use the word "awesome" less)
this one actually from my birthday but just scanned tonight

& me & rin, last night
Everyone, please, encourage Beth to let me scan more, or start posting here herself. These are really freaking mad great drawings.
(or marks on paper, whatever you wanna call it, lady)
we need more of this shit 'round here.


  1. Beth! You were the 300th post on DnD! I didn't even notice until after I finished writing it! Hells Yes! p.s. those really are FUCKING AMAZING drawings, please don't stop making them.

  2. <3 ! Awesomeness (heehee, I said it!)