Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sometimes I Cannot Believe That This Is A Real Job.

'Cause mostly it seems like a cross between a mental hospital, summer camp, & a bad reality show.
(Most likely I Love Money. )

Yup, The Grocery Project is existing over here now.
The old posts will still be at the DnD blog, but they'll be here too, & everything new from this series will be posted here.

I think it makes more sense.
Sadly, as much as we'd like to, we're not actually drinking at the grocery store. But selling food for a living is more about the complications of eating & consuming food than anything I can think of.
& since I can't help but experience life through drawing, there you go.

Eating & Drawing. At my register.
So here you go. First post, new home.

I wear crazy outfits, I overhear a lot of crazy shit,
well much of it said directly to me unfortunately,
& I generally amuse people (especially Amy) with tales of my ridiculous life.

Yeah, I can actually amuse myself fine WITHOUT ringing up your groceries, you sad sad sad people.
Three portraits of FRUSTRATION: Hillary, Cait, Liz.
Columbus Day, 2009: It seemed somehow right that people were even more shitty than usual.
Thanks, America, you're really fucking awesome & you always have been.

& Sometimes this is all I've got at the end of the day.
As always, to be continued. Until I convince Amy to finally fire me already.
I mean, I'm clearly not getting much actual work done, right?

(Seriously, I would LOVE for anyone else trying to make a crap job like this into something interesting to also be posting here, so please contact me if you work in the service industry & enjoy making any sort of marks on paper).

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