Saturday, October 3, 2009

Food Blog? Art Blog?

I told you this was coming.
The recent incredibly pleasant cool fall nights have definitely inspired me to cook more.
Some meals from the past week, here at 133.

Sunday dinner.
For a former vegan whom used to be terrified to cook meat at all, I think I've come really far. Steak (london broil, best I can afford) simmered in red wine, butter, olive oil, garlic & shallots, with yukon gold new potatoes & broccoli. & so fucking much butter you wouldn't even believe it.
(but I believe in butter).

& one of my classic recipes, inherited from mum, a roasted chicken with fresh thyme & rosemary, garlic, olive oil, butter & white wine, with fresh local carrots, potatoes & brussel sprouts roasted in the same pan. This meal consistently wins people previously frightened of them over to the true deliciousness of brussel sprouts.
plus great leftovers with chicken sandwiches & now I have chicken soup to look forward to.
DnDnE last week, yes that coconut curry.
& then the next night we did a little more DnDnE , so we had the leftover curry plus sauted spinach, garlic, & summer squash in olive oil & butter, & more salad (baby mixed greens & sprouts) (loving sprouts lately)
(oh & the rice was brown basmati, both nights)
& more on the subject of awesome reinvented leftovers, my dinner from last night, very late, while watching Breakfast at Tiffany's. I had some leftover spicy red sauce (with applewood smoked bacon) that I had previously eaten with some tiny raviolis. I made some chicken apple sausage, spinach, portobello mushrooms in olive oil & butter & garlic & combined them all & ate it with raw milk goat cheese & kalamata olive rosemary sourdough bread & baby greens salad & goddess dressing at 2am. yup.
WAY more of this to come, my friends. It's only gonna get colder here in new england.
& I'm only gonna wanna cook

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