Monday, October 5, 2009

A Perfect Rainy Fall Saturday, Part One. (What Happened).

Saturday I by some miracle (OR, thanks, amy!) didn't have to work & it poured rain every single minute
& I missed the
Garlic & Arts Festival & Deerfield Town Yard Sale
& OMG! Bret Michaels at the Big E
but yet, it was a beautiful day in every way.

Saturday started out right by watching Breakfast at Tiffany's well after midnight in my living room, me for the millionth time, & getting to show this utterly fabulous movie (yup, I'm ridiculous) to someone for their first time.
(big glamorous sunglasses & croissants & coffee)
& then waking up to a rainy farmer's market morning, & pears picked for me by todd & emaline.
(this is one of my most favourite recent drawings)
later, the view from paul & elizabeth's after running there in the rain while it really poured & the wet streets sparkled.
Following dinner, Ben Folds at the Calvin.
This was drawn in almost pure dark by the way, but this concert was so excellent, I had to pull my sketchbook onto to my lap
& at least attempt draw what I felt,

Totally wonderful show, so grateful that I got to be there.
Good day, yeah.
& Part Two: What we actually ate for dinner, coming soon.

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