Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Perfect Rainy Fall Saturday, Part Two. (What We ATE).

The continuation, & obviously the most important part,
...What We Ate...
(dinner at paul&elizabeth's)(10.3.2009)(before Ben Folds)

my salad
(I somehow forgot to eat anything else all day, so this drawing is CRAZY)
(eating vs. drawing, when you're starving but the food is beautiful)
what I ordered & I don't know if it's just cause I haven't had food cooked for me in a really long time (I'm always the cook), but this tasted pretty fucking good.
it was one of the specials. it worked.

& todd's dinner & I have to say that the tofu & broccoli at paul & elizabeth's is always delicious.
& that I kept stealing bites the whole meal.
& the aftermath, random objects left on the table while we were talking after dinner = a knife, a glass of red wine, a candle, & an almost forgotten bowl of brown rice.
Sorry it's been either a restaurant review or an illustrated cookbook 'round here lately.
oh wait I'm not sorry.
Cooking is awesome & beautiful. & drawing makes it even better.

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