Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Some Recent Tuesdays.

Since for some bizarre Northampton reason no one ever shows up at the Basement Tuesday nights for dancing before midnight at least, here's some of what we get up to in the evening hours before that.

raspberry crumb cake & wine at melissa's 9.15.09.
the eve of my birthday, chris' apartment, 9.22.09.
& the moment just before it became my birthday, 9.22.09.
my return to hugo's after a one month absence, 10.06.09.
it was good to be back drawing people at the bar again.
'cause drawing people at the bar is still part of what I do.
don't worry, I've got a lot more of these.
& I realized last night I really should really draw george & dan djing,
so look for that soon.

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