Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fall Stew.

I invented this last night driving home from work on a quintessential rainy October New England night,
& then made it from scratch, & cooked it for company.

Not bad, I say.

Liz's 2009 Fall Stew:
skirt steak (chopped), purple carrots (local), cipollini onions (local), minty garlic (an awesome present from Beth from the Garlic Fest), butternut squash (tragically, frozen, I know I know), fresh thyme, & tomatoes, simmered in red wine, butter (of course), extra virgin olive oil, & chicken broth (should have been beef but chicken was all I had in the pantry).

served over a wild rice blend with spinach sauted in olive oil on the side, in a large bowl.
& Bread Euphoria Challah Bread & still more butter.

Yup, the serious cooking posts are located here now too.
Look for even more since now I don't have to worry about interrupting the alcoholism with actual eating.