Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Classic: Spicy Arugula Pesto.

A Sunday night dinner in my kitchen after a very nice weekend.
Homemade Arugula Spicy Pesto, Capellini, Tomatoes, Salad.

I've always loved pesto.
Even when I was little, I preferred the green noodles.
When I first tasted arugula pesto though. oh wow. Life changing taste sensation.
This arugula is from the Noho farmer's market the previous Saturday morning, as are the chili peppers that I always include.
Pesto is not usually supposed to be spicy, but I LIKE things to be spicy, so there, & I find this actually works great with arugula.
For some reason, I find any arugula other than that which comes fresh from farmer's markets to be seriously lacking in taste. When you twist of the ends of the bundle, there needs to be this really fresh spicy nutty smell, or there's just no point, at least not for pesto.
My classic Spicy Arugula Pesto consists of:
fresh arugula, usually swiss cheese (again, uncommon for pesto but I like it), almonds, a clove of garlic, a chili pepper or two, a splash of sriracha hot sauce, extra virgin olive oil, & salt & pepper (very important, always noticeable when forgotten), then into the Cuisinart.
I usually make a ton, & eat it later in the week on sandwiches, or mixed with mayonnaise as a dipping sauce (excellent for fried green tomatoes, for example).
I like to serve my pesto & pesto with chopped fresh tomatoes.
I have no noodle preference, but on this night I went with capellini,
which are fun to draw.
Which is ALSO very important.

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