Thursday, October 29, 2009

Meals That Aren't Dinner.

Because there are other meals besides my regular solitary elaborate 3am dinners.
& there are the good friends you share them with. & all the places to eat late lunches & early breakfasts & post-dancing snacks in the Pioneer Valley. Such as:
Crepes with strawberries & honey & whipped creme & the MOST perfect mochas with Melissa at Mosaic.
Wednesday morning after a Tuesday night of dancing at the Basement.
There are always the meals eaten in the parking lot at the grocery store.
Some shit I ate on recent breaks.
My classic hot sauce & cheese sandwiches & instant miso soup.
yup, that's what I eat at work.
(plus a note from Cait)
Lunch with Ali at The Black Sheep.
A good sandwich really takes you far in this life.
& then, there's the TALKING over sandwiches.
In which Local Burger saves all our lives, by way of snacks after dancing.
All fried. & dipped in something else delicious.
Where do all these drawing come from?
My typical room at right around 3am.
post-dancing, post-facebook, post texting, just me, alone, eating & drawing.
& Rin's tofu sandwich, while we were drawing/painting.
At Woodstar last week.
I can't say it enough. Food shapes all our lives.

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