Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Brussel Sprouts & Pumpkin Beer.

That is the theme for today.
It's mid-October in Massachusetts, so time for lovely things like gorgeous stalks of brussels sprouts
& sampling various pumpkin beers in my kitchen on a Monday night.

I sold a lot of these today, & they are just so pretty.
Actually my pretty shitty day was somewhat redeemed by some of my last customers buying one of these & inspiring this post.
& Pumpkin beer!
In my favorite pint glass from the Rendevous of course.
Brussel sprouts are one of those foods that people think are gross until they realize they are delicious. Really. I turn people on to brussel sprouts everyday. Well almost.
The whole meal: roasted brussel sprouts, brown basmati rice, sardines (I know I'm weird, I LOVE sardines)(at least the kittens appreciate this habit) & another Dogfish Head Punkin Ale.
In the conclusion (at least for tonight) of the pumpkin beer challenge, Dogfish Head won, hands down. I was really excited about the Shipyard, & it was boring. & I open the first Dogfish, which I've had before but not this year, & it was perfect. Just want you want. But I love Dogfish beers in general, I feel like they craft beers like I cook, all crazy & jumbled & random & take risks & somehow it works.
There are so many pumpkin beers though, this being New England, so I guess I will just have to sample more to be fair.
Aw, poor me.
But right now I want a pumpkin themed dessert & I have none.

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