Sunday, July 26, 2009

I'm Falling Into Old Patterns

Last March Rin & I embarked on an art project where we drew what we ate, every single thing we ate, every single day. we never finished the month, or at least I didn't, but about 14 paintings exist, & part of the reason for the creation of this blog was so I could use some of those images. & they will eventually be posted here.

What I ate 7.25.09.

Lately while out & about with Drinking & Drawing, when I get bored with bands & people & the bar in general, I find myself sitting at Hugos & compelled to draw my breakfast or to spend the whole night doing portraits of bar snacks.
last night between the 11's & Hugo's I drew this. Not what I was supposed to be drawing at all. what fascinated me about our project last March, & what still fascinates me about these drawings in general, is how bizarre my eating habits are, maybe everyone's are, especially when laid out visually. This isn't all I ate yesterday though, don't worry...when I got home from the evening of 11's/hugos/dancing at the basement I had one of my recently increasingly common 3am dinners while blogging, more on that here.
& stay tuned for more adventures in the mundane details of myself & food & art & why I think about these things so much.

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