Saturday, July 11, 2009

It's Not Me It's Hugo's

some shit that happened during a week of DnD in july

during regular Thursday hugos/sierra DnD 7.2.09. I think I was bored, or hungry, or possibly both. Anyway, I had bacon & eggs in my head, & jed made some witty remarks, per usual.
some couple (or I presume they were a couple, probably they were cheating on someone, this is northampton afterall) on the couch on the front porch during a show at 145 south st (george & dan's) on 7.3.2009. I can't remember who played the show. mostly I hung out on the porch drinking wine & drawing, & lisette & I saw about 5 minutes of the last band, then went dancing at the basement. Anyone know who played that night? Not me. But I liked this couple & the way they were interacting.
jed & mariah at melissa's fourth of july bbq. I am really really really terrible at drawing jed for some reason. I'm working on this. The statements "it was a dance party & now it's a holocaust memorial party" "this town is the worst town except for all the other towns" & "but old white men wrote awesome things!" were all made, by us, during the course of this party. hells yes. happy birthday america.
this is what summer is like for Drinking & Drawing.

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