Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Trials & Tribulations of the Glitter Pen

Last night, in honor of Cher's
very kind offer to let us be semi-official during the screening of Azwan's film Off Da' Chain (official for the second time! why do people keep allowing this?
ridiculous.), jed & I invested in some glitter pens at Stop & Shop on our way to the 11's. This didn't go well. This AWESOME, PRICELESS, CLASSIC drawing was damaged. & I accomplished crap like this.
I'll admit it. I was really off my game last night. Look at Jed's post if you want anything actually good, amusing, visually stimulating, witty, etc. The best drawing I did at the 11's was this, which has nothing to with anything other than all the weird obsessive bullshit that goes on in my head. & the glitter pen then kind of torn up my sketchbook.
In conclusion, Drinking & Drawing is undecided on the subject of glitter pens. On one hand, GLITTER. On the other hand, DESTRUCTION. Hmmm.

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