Friday, July 3, 2009

sometimes a cigar is just a cigar but not at Drinking & Drawing.

I hate this band, but only for personal reasons. Some say that they are actually pretty good. Anyway, they played, & we were there, to draw while they were doing it, & while we were drinking, because that's what we do here at Drinking & Drawing. & there were really all lot of asses, of all kinds, that night, as you can see from this post.
bunny's a swine, the sierra grille, 7.2.2009.

a collaborative effort, this one.
low standards of jerkdom.

kill me.
best drawing I did all night (the one in the corner outlined in sharpie).
the band & mark watching.
lead singer.
what didn't happen here?
that chord, lisette's feet.
what jed thought a chipmunk looked like.

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