Friday, July 31, 2009

grocery hell #1

I have this crap mindless day job. grocery cashier. Sometimes it makes me want to kill myself. One day I read this by David Foster Wallace.
& on another day recently DnD inspired me to just draw, at work, cause DnD was born out of turning the bad stuff into art and getting over it (drunkenly). (although I'm not drunk at work )
& isn't the whole point of DnD NOT KILLING YOURSELF through Drawing (& having fun?)? 
without any further explantion, some scenes from grocery hell. (this will be a continuing series. dedicated to DFW at all times. fuck I wish you were still alive & writing).

fresh meat & seafood. plus some lists I made.
there's some bacon dancing in the margins.
people are assholes, but food is visually appealing. get me that bumper sticker, please.
7.31.2009: it rained, a lot of people bought cookies.

Life is really hard, sometimes, & one of my main strategies for coping came from someone who killed himself even though he was brilliant. hard to deal with during the day to day bullshit at the grocery store. Thank christ for DnD, cause we are survivors (even if through alcohol) y'all.

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  1. jed: I made it shorter. Still too long, but better? & In the future I will try to only be excessively verbal on my other blogs.