Saturday, February 26, 2011

Winter 2010, In Random Dinners.

I'm still in a similar mental place to my last post, still feeling archivey, still hiding out in our room, still digging around in the old sketchbooks & rediscovering memories through drawings. Winter is still totally kicking my ass, so my motivation for complicated projects & exciting new recipes is low.
What has been keeping me going throughout these last (hopefully) weeks of horrible snowy icy slushy winter (spring! gardens! soon!) has been just the appreciation of our everyday life here, that we make time to cook & eat dinner together even when it's complicated, even when we hate each other, that we collect objects we like & live in a space that however cluttered & messy looks like us, that we have sweet sweet animals, good kitchen stuff & a cozy home.
Last winter was our first few months of really living together, so these pages of my sketchbook are especially sweet to me.
It is really feeling right now that Winter 2011 is never ever going to end, so to give us hope, some moments from Winter 2010, which did end eventually, becoming this.
1.11.10: Black Bean Chicken Chili.

1.13.2010: Scallops & Noodles.
1.19.10: Sausages & Peppers & Spinach & Whiskey Shots.
1.12.2010: Thyme & Shallot Salmon Fillet, With Broccoli & Cheese.
3.7.10: Weird Curry Stir-Fry.
Sometimes I just want to leave the pictures here by themselves, because to me, the specific details alone mean so much.
We ate this on this date, & it looked like this. That comforts me, when life seems bizarre & overwhelming, I guess just like actually cooking food does.
Would anyone care about that? Does anyone care anyway? When I was in art school I kept a very specific food I ate journal in my sketchbook, maybe I should just start posting those.
But I love those pages, when I look back, even as I laugh at how pretentious I was. Sometimes I can feel the specific moment, smell it, taste it, just from reading those lists.
Damn this blog is getting verbal!
I'll try to dig myself out of this hole soon, the potential of this sort of meal will help, but I have a few more of these style posts planned for the next month or so, then it's garden time.

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