Monday, January 4, 2010

Book Swap & Stir-Fry.

1.3.2010. As well as being legendary old school DnDer Jed's birthday (happy birthday jed, xo EnD) last Sunday was the first of hopefully regular Book Swaps/Tea Parties at 133 South. There were homemade crumpets! & blueberry scones! (all made by Abigail, & I didn't even draw them, shame on me!). Fuck, there was homemade BUTTER, for Christ sake. We live it up, we do, at 133.
We acquired Rin's delightful company later on that evening, which occasioned the creation of an impromptu stir-fry, of red cabbage & carrots & leeks from Abigail's farm share & tofu & brown basmati rice, with an avocado on top (yay winter grocery avocado sales!).
Another Liz & Rin sketchbook collaboration: "me & Owen & stir-fry" by Rin, "Rin & stir-fry" by me. All drawn over delicious things to eat, music, wine, & good conversation, &...
Oh & remember part about the Book Swap?! Well many awesome books were exchanged, & so was the one that brought us this quote, helpfully lettered by Rin, coloured by me. Isn't that inspirational? Contact EnD for postcards/bumper stickers. (& yes, that came from a real book, current location of that book = my kitchen table).
Sorry for the long absence 'round here. But I still love friends, food, & really hilarious moments, so here I am, once more. Hi.

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