Friday, January 22, 2010

Better With Company.

What's better than eating & drawing, or drinking, for that matter? Your Peeps, of course.
Some recent portraits, better than the last round, in my humble opinion.
12.15.2009. Owen & Melissa, 133 South, pre-gaming for Tuesday Basement Dancing.
12.30.2009. Our kitchen, Owen cooking, DR watching (something). Chicken, lemongrass, & brussel sprouts.
1.19.2010. Owen wearing his new hat, from the Palmer Goodwill, at the dinner table.
1.20.2010. Owen, DR, & a bottle of Jameson (really good price on this at the Big Y, FYI, y'all). Yes, yet again, before Tuesday dancing at the Basement.
Yeah, these are mostly Owen & DR. but they are my family, so makes sense, & of course, the always lovely Melissa rules & is an excellent dancing & dining partner, so all good.
Want to be drawn & eat delicious food? Show up here for dinner, be immortalized on this blog. I PROMISE.


  1. Whoa! I love that kitchen scene!!

  2. yay! we need to have dinner so I can draw THAT kitchen scene! OMG!