Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bacon Lasagna, Circa December 2009.

If y'all have been keeping up with my archives over here, you'll recall that the breathtaking Bacon Lasagna was invented one hot July night at Hugo's as a last minute inspirational dish for Izaac's bacon party (yes Izaac is only mentioned on this blog in connection to bacon). Then I made it for Melissa sometime in September & it again ruled. So for Melissa's welcome back to Noho from Europe dinner, I made it for the third time. It's always different. This time it had avocado, for some reason, & free fancy cheese from work.
Anatomy of A Bacon Lasagna (drawing inspired by this classic DnD post):
These were the layers: Vermont applewood smoked bacon, summer squash, roma tomatoes, gloucester onion & chive cheddar, raw sheep's milk pecorino, avocado, & shallots & garlic previously sautéed in melted butter & white wine. Then all baked together in delicious greasy melting layers of unspeakable delight. OMG!
While baking: a very classy cheese platter made of entirely free cheese & crackers from work. Go, work. Served on our reasonably new very stylish cheese platter from the Westfield Salvation Army.
& the main course served over noodles = a fabulous dinner party with Melissa, Nate & Owen, 12.12.2009, during which we also enjoyed the astonishing raver crafter supplies found in my attic that night, glow in the dark beads & sequined ribbons, anyone? Plus, as free glue glun!
& then we all obviously went dancing at the Basement, the end. (of that night).

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