Monday, January 11, 2010

Rabbits Cure Swine Flu? A December Story.

Or Homemade Hot & Sour Soup does?
As I mentioned in my Christmas post, Owen & I spent most of mid-December through New Year's sick sick sick SICK. With Swine Flu! So topical of us! We like to definitely live in tune with all major news stories.
This was a December day right at the beginning of our bout with the plague (before we were reduced to surviving on instant miso soup packets mixed with sriracha, chili oil & sesame oil eaten in bed due to utter lack of strength), a gray chilly day involving walks with dogs & a trip (my first!) to Yankee Candle (don't ask). Possibly we can blame Yankee Candle for the severity of our illness, or at least their Drift Away scented candle. Yes really, wtf? Where in god's name are we drifting to? Where, Yankee Candle? & Why is your fake snow so fucking lame?
So, I had a day off from work, attempted to not get really sick, went to Yankee Candle, came home in desperate need of soup, SUPER SPICY SOUP which is how I knew the flu potential was bad, & made some hot & sour soup with the stock from this chicken.
& ate it with Annie's Bunnies crackers. & lots of Yamamotoyama green tea, & still got REALLY SICK. I still blame Yankee Candle. Maybe it was the Evening Air candle that did it. Cause the soup was actually pretty fucking good. & soup, good hot sauce, & green tea usually save me from getting sick.
We really were not doing well already at this point, so this recipe was kind of random, stay tuned for the non-delirious version. This one was just homemade chicken stock, leftover chicken, sriracha, chili oil, sesame oil, white wine vinegar, cornstarch, whatever random veggies we could find, garlic, jalapenos.
The moral: Unicorns come from Yankee Candle (want to know what that means? feel free to comment & I'll tell you, promise promise).

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