Sunday, January 10, 2010

Non-Traditional Holiday Foods (Soup & Eggs).

Yeah, I know, I've been very late with the holiday posts, but let's just pretend that it's not yet January 10th, ok? I mean, the Christmas tree IS still up around here &, um, yeah, Christmas did happen, I believe around a couple of weeks ago or some shit like that, & undeniably the holidays are ALL ABOUT FOOD but we don't usually do it up normal food-wise in the assorted Diamond households. (thankfully for this website, DR & I did it up all traditional for Thanksgiving). Crap Chinese food in New Bedford or Dennis is really how we like to roll on Christmas day, but this year we did this...
Creamy Parsnip Soup, made with great success by Ali & Barb from The Martha Stewart Everyday Food Cookbook, eaten by the Christmas tree in bowls on our laps with bread & cheese, in a funeral home in Turners Falls. Actually, one of the six Christmas trees, all suitably gorgeous. Oh & we used Ali's new Christmas immersion blender, that was a good time.
& the next morning, our sit down holiday meal took place over breakfast at Sylvester's before shopping for all our favourite things like boots & yarn. (yes, I have those boots from The Mountain Goat & shawl yarn was purchased from Northampton Wools, & of course small red birds for everyone from The Artisan Gallery. Thanks, Mum.)
My breakfast: the Community Garden Eggs Benedict, essentially eggs, hollandaise, tomatoes, spinach, broccoli. My only complaint, that I had to borrow bacon from Mum, because all the breakfasts were EITHER meat or veggie, none both. VEGETABLES TASTE GOOD WITH MEAT PEOPLE. COME ON.
Note: Owen & I had swine flu over Christmas which did affect our ability to be festive. But no fear, we drank a lot of JohnnieWalker in bed while watching around Shaft collection DVD set we purchased Christmas Eve from Big Lots. New Christmas tradition? Dustyrose thinks so.

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